Steel Needle Stitchery
Machine Quilting Service


Before dropping your quilt please prepare it so I will have an enjoyable time quilting it and you can receive​​ an heirloom to be passed on.

1. Make sure the backing is at least 6 to 8 inches horizontally and vertically larger than top.
2. Make sure tops and backings are squared up prior to drop off and borders do not ruffle.
3. Trim all loose threads and press your quilt top so seams lay flat. Uncut threads and bulky seams will cause needles to break and throw off tension.
4. Quilts that are beautifully ironed have a better finished appearance.
5. During the quilting process quilts tend to shrink. This is more prevalent in more densely quilted designs and lofty batting. Quilt tops are machine basted to minimize shrinkage and insure straightness.
6. Quilts are loaded with the backing seams laying horizontally (side to side). Please specify top and bottom of quilt and if you want the top centered on the backing seam.


Minimum quilting service fee                                                                                $50.00
Design set up fee: per design.                                                                              $  5.00
Other services: hourly fee (prep & seam backing, pressing, seam repairs, hanging sleeve)   $25.00
NOTE: Thread, batting extra
                                                                                                                      Per square inch
“The Basics” (depending on density of quilt design)                                          2 to 3¢
One Edge to Edge design or free motion meander.

“Secondary” (depending on density of quilt design)                                          3 to 6¢
One body and one border design OR one Edge to Edge design and edges trimmed and squared.
​There will be a $25.00 charge for rotating the quilt for a secondary border design.

“Semi-Custom” (depending on complexity)                                                       4 to 8¢
A combination of free motion or computerized designs filling blocks, borders, background, stitch in the ditch, and outline stitching

Binding machine attached: “Straight Up” Machine                                              $1.50 per perimeter ft.
         “Bias” perimeter ft.                                                                                      $1.75 per perimeter ft.
   Hand sew to front or back                                                                                 $  .25 perimeter inch 
   Hand sew scalloped or curved edged peri. In.                                                  $  .30 perimeter inch
            Price Per Yard
Quilters Dream Blend Select 70/30cottn/poly                                                      $  9.00
Quilters Dream Cotton Select 100% Pure Cotton                                                $11.50
Quilters Dream Wool a blend of fine Domestic and Merino wool, WASHABL     $13.00
Dream Angel Select Heavenly Batting of 100% Flame Retardant Fibers            $15.50
​Made in the USA
PaymentTerms: 50% of quilting charge due when quilt top shipped to us and remainder due before return shipment to you). Customer agrees to inspect completed quilt upon receipt and to report any discrepancy to Steel Needle Stitchery immediately. Customer agrees to the above terms. 

I reserve the right to refuse service do to inferior workmanship, poor quality of materials, tops larger than 90” wide, and/or confining time restraints.

Call for an appointment.​
(208) 735-0473​​​

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